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 Once again i have not posted anything on here, been busy, and also i have not had a new laptop, since the one i used finally gave up. Also it is sad, but SigResource went off line some time last year. It was tough choice made by the owner, but oh well, i will miss the place and all the things they offered. I am still inactive on 3 forums i am still a member of, one of them is FringeFX, the others are DreamEvilNetwork, and PimpedPixels. Hopefully i can save enough money to get a new laptop or desktop, so i can get back to designing, also hopefully i remember to post on this blog. If not then i will just close it down.


Been months since I posted here, I have been having computer problems, I hardly do signatures, when I got back before the end of last year, a few forums i frequently went to were gone. Then as the new year rolled in I started to go to another forum that was still up, but sometime ago the owner just gave up on it, so that one is gone also.



PandorasCanvas Forums(Main site is still up though)

Gra-Fix Forums

Adobe-Tuts Forums


If any one wants to reach me I am around Fringe FX and, PC which was PremiumRenders first, I will miss a lot, was 3rd forums I joined when I started to do signatures.

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This are the sigs I have done for contests at Fansub TV, the place where I started getting in to GFX designing, a big thanx to it’s members for guiding me as I started of. A big thanx to WINGZERO619 who advised me to change photoshops (^_-)b

Depth Sig 3 Depth Sig 2 Depth Sig 1 Double Render SIG 1 Double Render SIG 2 ASSASSIN SIG 1 ASSASSIN SIG 2 FREEDOM SOTM FTV SOTM 30 Elements Draft 01vFINAL FTV SOTM 31- Movies FTV SOTM 32 01v3

Haruhi DR SIG1

FTV SOTM Music 01

Nia FansubTV MOTW 27 FINAL

Halloween Special Comp 03

FansubTV SOTM 33v1


FTV SOTM 35 Sports Sig 01

This where made for SOTM(I call them signature of the month contests), I call them that cause they happen on monthly, I still join it whenever I get a chance to.

This are all the signatures I have made in the year 2007 up 2008, I was on and off on using photoshop, hence why I did not improve a lot. This are made for, I did not really grasp a style, just messed around and get a feel of the program. Some of this are pixelated because of Photobucket’s upgrades and that affected the quality of my sigs.

19GEE83 gg sig 1





GunGrave BTG SIG 3

Through The Darckness SIG2

Flower SIG

Cotton Candy SOTW LS sig

Nagato Yuki Vector sig 1

GG BTG shattered sig 1


Real People Shattered SOTW 1


Oppisate SOTW 01

AnimeR SOTW Monotone 01

AR SOTW December 15th 2008

This are all of the ones I have done for that forum, I have been busy with others to even post there anymore, but I drop by whenever I get a chance or remember… LATEZ~ (^_-)b

Just like everyone I had to start somewhere, I did my first signatures on Macromedia’s Fireworks 8, it was a copy and paste job on the BG and render. I had joined Fansub.TV seeing their competitions, one was a sig & Ava comp I wanted to join, so I fired up my Fireworks program and did something. Later on WINGZERO619 told me to use CS3, so I tried it out and it was better, but I was still laking, so I was looking for tutorials and somewhere on the forum I read about, so I checked them out. Joined and looked at their Tutorials and posted, shared a few of my stuff, that’s where I got into rendering(I might post some packs of those up). So with out further explanation here are my first sigs… LATEZ~ (^_-)b

.: 2007 :.

TMOSH Avatar 02
TMOSH Sig 01
This one bellow was done in Fireworks
This one was made after I fallowed a tutorial, it was supposed to be Grunge but I failed LOL
SH Grungelb

and those where my first sigs, lacking depth, lighting, effects, also I used to save them as jpg, hence why some lost quality when photobucket made upgrades. Will have to re-upload some again, this I cannot redo as I did not save the PSDs or png file. Thanx 4 reading this, WAKE UP! just messing J/K

WELCOME! Everyone to my blog, this will feature all my GFX work raging from Signatures to LPs(Large Pieces), Plus Tutorials, so this is under construction in the mean time. The reason I started one cause I saw how cool it looked on 1LastHopes blog and a few others, at first it did not interest me, but been thinking about it. SO you will all get to see how I progress in making stuff on Photoshop CS4 Extended and maybe GIMP 2.6… LATEZ~ (^_-)b

.: Preview Of My Work :.
Witch GFX-Scene SOTW #3

Magneto PremiumR SOTW 42

Lil wayne Sig 01.2

Thor Sig 01